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​Company Information

Company Name

Policy Nudge Design Japan LLC.

Head Office

3-61 Aioicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City 231-0012 Japan


June 28, 2021


Kaori Uetake 

Principal Business

  • Research, consulting, and coordination with academia and experts on the use of Behavioral Insights in Japan

  • Production of media content related to the use of behavioral insights in Japan

  • Planning and management of seminars, events, and training programs

  • Other business related to Behavioral Science

Kaori Uetake

Kaori is a Behavioral Insights consultant based in Yokohama, Japan. She regularly works with governments, the private sector, academic partners and various nudge units at home and abroad to apply behavioral insights to public policy in a variety of areas, including environmental sustainability, disaster management, health, transportation and gender. She was also involved in the translation into Japanese of The Little Book of Green Nudges by UN Environment Programme. Prior to that, she worked for the Yokohama City government, leading multiple behavioral insights projects including the promotion of energy saving action in schools and communities. She served as one of the founding members of the Yokohama Behavioral Insights and Design Team, the first nudge unit in a Japanese local government. Kaori holds a BA from University of Tokyo and a MA from University College London, UK. She is a Certified Psychologist of the Japanese Psychological Association. Specially Appointed Associate Professor (Part-time), Centre for Behavioural Economics, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University.


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